Gaming Which games are you currently playing?

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Which games are you currently playing?
Whether to simply pass the time while waiting for DnL to hit early access/release, or games that you're just really into. It doesn't matter if they're single-player, MMO or otherwise.

As for me, I've spent most of my free time building Ganareth, but I do get in a few sessions of Project Zomboid in every week with some friends. The game didn't appeal to me at first, like at all, but I eventually caved and tried it. It's actually really fun, and the graphics are more charming than I initially thought they were.

With MMOs, I have nothing on the table at the moment. Hoping for DnL to be my primary game, with mostly single-player games on the side to avoid any sort of burnout. I'm generally PC-first, but I really should dust off my PS4 sometime (both literally and figuratively).
RE: Which games are you currently playing?
I've gone back to World of Warcraft for the new expansion and I've been playing that pretty much exclusively. Any other WoW nerds in the community? haha

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