What we know about Dark and Light, pre-early access

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With Dark and Light still on track for a 2016 early access release on Steam, we've compiled some of the information about the game. There's not a lot to go on, even this close to the end of the year, but this is some of what we know so far. As with all early access games, these things may change in the future due to player feedback.

Bear in mind that many bullet points use the same source multiple times. This is not all of the information that the DnL community has uncovered thus far — rather, it's a compilation of what I believe to be some of the more important aspects of the game. At the bottom of the article you'll be able to find additional links which attempt to find more answers about Dark and Light.

Payment model:

  • The game will be buy-to-play with no recurring subscription fees. [S]
  • No information about a cash shop, but expect there to be one.

Game Development:

  • The game is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4. For those running SLI or crossfire, UE4 does not support these, and as such a single GPU would be utilized. [S][S]
  • DnL is being released for a second time as a reboot (recreation), and while many concepts may carry over, the game has changed drastically over the years. [S]
  • Magic will be a major component in the game, with terra-forming, building and combat utilizing magic. [S]
Quote:. . . One of the major themes of the game is going to be the use of magic for things like terraforming, building, etc. I wish I could say something more about that, or even show footage, but a lot of it is conceptual or still WIP right now.
  • The development team is trying to meet the 40,000km world size, "some amount" of it will be procedurally generated. [S]

Play Style:

  • DnL is a sandbox MMO with heavy emphasis on survival, exploring, and building. [S]
  • Combat will be skill-based (action), with dodging and magic. Group-play is highly recommended, but not required. [S]
  • First-person and third-person perspectives will be available, but additional feedback may need to be given during early access due to the way aiming works.
  • [Image: attachment.php?aid=2]
  • There will not be traditional questing in the game, but there will be a narrative. Story elements are more or less hidden throughout the vast, explorable world. [S]
  • There will be around 10 mounts when the game is first out, some of which are ground mounts while some flying. [S]
  • The game will have both PvP and PvE servers. Beyond this, there's no real information on specifics, nor the amount of players that can play on a single server.
  • There will be no classes. Players will distribute attribute and skill points as they level up. [S]
  • Players will be able to steal from each other and NPCs, but may be arrested for doing so. [S]

Playable Races, Factions, & Guilds:

  • There will be three playable races: Dwarves, Elves, and Humans.
  • There will be three factions to choose from, which determines your starter city. It's suspected (through Horsejoke's words) that races are not locked to factions, but this needs clarifying on his part through his team.
  • [Image: attachment.php?aid=3]
  • Guilds are in the game, with guild buildings, chat, and "special cooperative features".

Thanks to the various sources, users, and reddit for a lot of this information. For more information about other aspects of the game, check out the two links below. As we uncover more pertinent information about the game, we'll either edit this article or post new articles in the news section of Ganareth. Stay tuned!
  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/dnl/comments/4x...impromptu/
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/dnl/comments/55...iday_some/

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