Recruiting US PvP - House: RIPtide Recuiting all types!

US PvP - House: RIPtide Recuiting all types!
Our house split recently, some going to PvE, some staying on PvP. We're now in need of recruits to our Dark and Light guild/house on the PvP server. We each actively play more than 30 hours a week (honestly more like 60 or a freakish 80; sleep is for the weak!). There are NO play time requirements though, or required tasks, just good old fashioned fun! You have to speak English and communicate via Discord. Our interests and goals involve getting the best gear, tools, weapons, and tames possible. Post here if you're interested, we can have a chat and see if you're a good fit. We're trying to make something great here, won't you join us?
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