Recruiting [US] -PVP 150 Players EXP/Harvest Boosts TBD

Iseult Eleos
[US] -PVP 150 Players EXP/Harvest Boosts TBD
[size=x-large][US] -PVP 150 Players EXP/Harvest Boosts TBD[/size]

[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif]Server Name :

Server Specs : 16 Cores 40GB Ram ***Our Private server hardware this is not a PC***

We are in the process of upgrading to 112GB of ram with capabilities to host 150 Players. We will start at 100 and if all is stable we will move towards 150 players without sacrificing Performance.

Voice Chat : Discord... guilds can have their own channel if requested.

Test Server : We have a test server to apply patches and test before they go live. This is not a public server its just for our use before applying any patches to the main server.

We have tested this Server over the past week and its running pretty stable. We did not want to advertise until we had it running good with little to no Lag.

If you have any questions you can pop into our Discord or our website at

Cheaters will be banned, no questions asked, if found and proven guilty.

Harvest and experience rates will be upgraded only after discussion with the community.

We will have future events like X times EXP weekends and Harvest week ends. 

Admins will ONLY use tools to help other players in certain situations Stuck Player Stuck pet for Example. We will try our Best to have someone that can help you 24/7.[/font][/size]

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