New screenshots of Dark and Light monsters

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Update: more screenshots here! Mythical Animals & Creatures from

Released today on the Chinese website Weibo, we get to take a look at some new screenshots of the monsters and animals we'll be able to find throughout the game. As we can see from these screenshots, monsters will be present in their natural biomes — such as the tree creatures roaming around tall trees, to the yeti-like monster in a snowy region.

These images should be coming in a press-release soon (possibly later today, as the day has just started passed midnight for certain areas of the US) with a little more detail in the form of text to accompany them. Since translating simple Chinese using online translators isn't the most intuitive thing, I won't be posting them in case of, well, mistranslation; which can easily lead to confusion.

Stay tuned to the Ganareth Gazette or the Dark and Light general forum for when that press release has been properly translated into English.

Also, get news through our social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, if you're not regularly checking this site!

Without further ado, here are the screenshots. What do you think about these creatures that we can fight, tame, and possibly mount? Drop a comment down below with your thoughts.

[Image: OpXkG9y.jpg]

[Image: GM9Wbna.jpg]

[Image: yRTPbQK.jpg]

[Image: fuz5KMf.jpg]

[Image: qP5QDIF.jpg]

[Image: 42Ylbv0.jpg]

[Image: RUMKZkp.jpg]

[Image: dht7i5y.jpg]

[Image: mPSSLMX.jpg]

[Image: S2I0Czx.jpg]
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Interesting John (Member) #210-19-2016, 09:49 AM

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Cemmos (Administrator) #310-20-2016, 10:46 AM

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Added a link up top to a forum post with even moooore screenshots! And higher resolution, too.
roquekazin (Member) #410-24-2016, 12:23 PM

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Holy wow that sabertooth, I hope to see a wolf screenshot show up soon Big Grin!