Mythical animals & creatures (

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Mythical animals & creatures (
Here are the screenshots and additional information I mentioned in the article New screenshots of Dark and Light monsters. The exclusive press release has brand new screenshots of the creatures we can negotiate with, fight, and tame. The linked article below will have the information — the rest of this post will be a screenshot-drop.

[Image: cza5dRO.jpg]
[Image: hBkUTSd.jpg]
[Image: 9kTp9A4.jpg]
[Image: fUZyiS6.jpg]
[Image: 7kWQUjT.jpg]
[Image: 79l80Lt.jpg]
[Image: BAoTndc.jpg]
[Image: AVjfEta.jpg]
[Image: 6rXJFrp.jpg]
[Image: IvnxmXD.jpg]
[Image: KpPSf6Y.jpg]
[Image: w4b96ZN.jpg]
[Image: QHL9clD.jpg]
[Image: rX8EVhq.jpg]
[Image: 2AX5VP8.jpg]
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RE: Mythical animals & creatures (
Is that a carriage that dragon is holding. That's so rad.
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RE: Mythical animals & creatures (
Game looks amazing beautiful!
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RE: Mythical animals & creatures (
(10-20-2016, 11:19 AM)Interesting John Wrote: Is that a carriage that dragon is holding. That's so rad.

It is most definitely a carriage, Was a way of traveling in the old D&L so I'm guessing they're bringing it back for the new one as well.
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