Recruiting Mortem Gaming - Harcore/Social

Mortem Gaming - Harcore/Social
Mortem Gaming looking for social and hardcore gamers who want to involve themselves in a guild(and the game)

our main goals are:
-Building a strong and united community
-Setting a nice city in some dark mooded area(see pic below,subject to change since thats just personal preference)
-Controlling the area
-Helping each others

-Be a active discord user till release(its our home till then)
-6hours+ ingame daily

If youre interested in joining,leave a post with your discord here or pm me now on discord,Nekavrad#4010 ,ill answer you right away(unless Im sleeping Tongue)
 [Image: 1Ho2nrs.jpg]
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RE: Mortem Gaming - Harcore/Social
oops,just realized i had wrong title lol
RE: Mortem Gaming - Harcore/Social
4/5h ingame...
I'm from Portugal.
But i can understand English.
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RE: Mortem Gaming - Harcore/Social
Is this EU? It it is I would be interested. CalYpso#3681

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