Images now easier to embed into forum

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Images now easier to embed into forum
The default attachment system for Ganareth was a bit strange for users to use; you'd need to upload the attachment one at a time, and image attachments would be displayed at the bottom of the post, having users needing to click on them to open them in a new window to view them.

We now have a way of more easily uploading images: you can either drag and drop 'em into the attachment section at the bottom of the post form, or you can click within the box and browse for them on your PC. Images are uploaded automagically to and after uploading, they'll be inserted directly into your post form — no need to work around and use the BBCode toolbar at the top of the form.

Keep in mind that these images are uploaded to Imgur via anonymous API, and as such you'll only be able to delete them from Imgur while you're still making your post. Simply hit the "cancel upload" or the "remove" link at the bottom of the image and it'll be removed from Imgur. After posting your topic or reply, you'll not be able to delete the image from Imgur, but you can simply remove it from your post, per usual, by editing the post. 

The quick-reply form at the bottom of every topic has the attachment section within the "Options" button.
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