Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!

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Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
Hey there Ganareth! Horsejoke from Snail USA here! We’ve been getting bombarded with questions on the DnL Discord channel recently and haven’t have enough time to answer them immediately, so here’s a few answers to a selection of some of what we feel are the most relevant and interesting (and currently answerable!) questions from the community!

Skritty: How will player (and NPC if they do) respawning work?

Horsejoke: Players will be able to choose from a number of respawn points, including personal respawn / home points that you can set yourself using specific items / furniture like many current survival games.

ItsMike / Amir: What are the recommended / minimum PC specs for Dark and Light? 

HJ: These aren’t official quite yet since we aren’t 100% set on what the Early Access build will look like exactly. You’ll find the recommended specs easily once the Steam store page is up, but here are the minimum specs based on our build as of 10/31/16:

OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8
Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
Memory: 4000 MB RAM
Graphics: DirectX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 40000 MB available space

Chasefield: Can players build underground bases + can players swim and explore underwater content?

HJ: The world has a number of underground / cavernous areas that players can explore and build in, which you can see in a few of our earlier screenshots ( Dark and Light actually has a pretty thriving underwater ecosystem, as well as a few resources that can only be collected in underwater nodes. You’ll need to prepare some special equipment / items before exploring underwater, though.

Apach: Will we be grandfathered into the full release version if we purchase EA?

HJ: Absolutely! According to Steam’s Early Access FAQ, Early Access is the "full purchase of a playable game… You keep access to the game, even if the game later moves from Early Access into fully released."

Skritty: While we know basic things like carry weight, stamina, and mana will be upgradable, will there actually be any stats?

HJ: Yep! We released some early info about stats in a Q&A quite a while ago; some examples include health, weight limit, stamina, resistance, etc.

MastodonTV: How are you planning on catching hackers / exploiters?

HJ: We’re going to have a GM / QA team dedicated to Dark and Light once it launches in Early Access - maintaining fairness in the game and managing security risks will be a high priority.

bombalech: Is inventory / storage / weight limit going to be unlimited or limited? Also, will players be able to make towns that function like the faction cities?

HJ: Inventories (including player inventory and other storage units) will be constrained by inventory slots and weight limits. Static storage spaces (chests and the like) will not have weight limits, but mobile storage units, like your character’s inventory, will. As for your question about towns, faction cities and the lordship system is unique and opens up a secondary gameplay system for players who want to play politics instead of / in addition to constructing their own bases. Players will be able to create their own town-like societies, but they’ll be more based around RP than built-in gameplay systems.

To the players who asked questions that I wasn’t able to answer just yet - we’re still at a point in the development process where very specific questions are difficult to answer, and are most likely subject to change leading up to / during Early Access. Thanks everyone for your patience; be sure to keep the questions coming and we’ll do our best to keep you all informed!
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RE: Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
Thanks for dropping this here at Ganareth, @Horsejoke! I think my favorite part of this is hearing about underwater content. Intriguing.
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RE: Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
Yeah, the underwater stuff was a whole area that I hadn't even thought about yet.

The two games that I can think of that have underwater content are ArcheAge and Guild Wars 2, and while both had fun elements, I felt like they also had some big problems. In GW2, the underwater areas were fairly cramped and filled with mobs, you couldn't sneeze without aggroing something, ArcheAge had the exact opposite problem, huge areas without anything interesting at all.

But I look forward to seeing what DnL does with the underwater areas!
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RE: Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
very nice, thank you for these informations.
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RE: Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
Love it
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RE: Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
Here's some other Q&A from the batch that Tuesday_Addams got to:

Sierra ?-Yesterday at 2:36 AM

@Snail Games How much will the game be when it comes out on steam in a few days? Tuesday_Addams-Yesterday at 2:37 AM

@Sierra ? The price of the game is something we're still in the process of determining. I can confirm that the EA version will be relatively cheaper than the full release version, but as of now I can't give an exact number Sierra ?-Yesterday at 2:42 AM

@Snail Games Do you know what the minimum graphics requirements would be to run the game? Tuesday_Addams-Yesterday at 2:46 AM

@Sierra ? I believe a DirectX11 compatible GPU with at least 1 GB of video RAM

Skritty-Yesterday at 2:29 AM

@Snail Games Can you tell us anything about how the devs are planning on preventing the cluttering of buildings? And we have seen a set of screenshots showing off building. How difficult will it be to build things? Tuesday_Addams-Yesterday at 2:34 AM

@Skritty Building isn't too difficult, really. The game won't let you build right up against your friend's house or anything like that. If EA players feel like there is a problem with cu *cluttered buildings, we will make amends in future updates Sorry about that fragmented response, morning coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet haha

Klynn-Last Wednesday at 6:17 PM

@Snail Games Will there be any kind of teleportation/fast travel system in the game ? (except mounts)

Arzheo-Last Wednesday at 10:17 PM

Will i be able to make a bad ass paladin tank Big Grin? @Snail Games Will we have Portals for fast travel or will we have to walk to places? OR! We have a scribe type crafter that make teleport scrolls to Area sigils around the map?

Tuesday_Addams-Yesterday at 2:24 AM

@Klynn @Arzheo Re teleportation: players will be able to construct teleportation gates that they can use to travel quickly across the map @Kroy Don't despair! The full website will be up very soon. Web team is putting the finishing touches on as I type this
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roquekazin | Dark
RE: Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
Underground building?! That is awesome, I really hope that is a feature of EA because if Dark and Light pulls that off while maintaining server stability I personally think that's going to blow people away! Also really looking forward to exploring underground/underwater content. I really should've read the rest of these sooner!
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PkPepper | ?
RE: Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
"in a few days"? o.o
MrPuppy94 | ?
RE: Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
(11-08-2016, 08:25 AM)PkPepper Wrote: "in a few days"? o.o

That was a person asking that, maybe to try and get Tuesday to slip the release.
PkPepper | ?
RE: Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
yeah most likely
Sphiel Zinra | ?
RE: Horsejoke's (not so) Spooky Halloween Q&A!
... they failed lol

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