Horsejoke Community Catch-Up Q&A - 11/14

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Horsejoke Community Catch-Up Q&A - 11/14
Hey everyone! Horsejoke here again with another community Q&A - I’m catching up on a lot of questions from the past week or so, and there are still plenty left to go that I haven’t been able to get to just yet, so expect another Q&A a little later this week!

Keru: How do names work? Can there be like a "bob" in server 1 and another "bob" in server 2?

HJ: Yep! Since that’s a boring answer by itself, we’ve also gotten some questions from European players regarding the use of special characters in their names and it looks like we’ll be able to accommodate that, barring any crazy database problems that may arise in EA.

Skritty: Is there a system in place to determine what a "player town" really is? Will player towns tie into any game mechanics?

HJ: It’s more of a player-defined thing than a built-in game mechanic, which is nice because it means we can allow more freedom in terms of where you can build. Also, you won’t need to go through a lengthy process to apply for a zoning permit from your faction’s slowest bureaucrats before putting up a stable for your griffins.

Karras + CristalScarlet: Are you running your own servers for the game in EU / OCE? Or steam is going to host the game?

HJ: Our network operations team is working through that right now - we have a few options available, but we’re aiming to ensure that players around the world all have comparable connection speeds; it’s especially important given the action-style gameplay of Dark & Light.

DeathsProxy: Dark and Light looks to be an amazingly beautiful game, however i was wondering if the game supports Nvidia Ansel technology? If it doesn't currently will it have plans to do so in the future?

HJ: It is really pretty, but I don’t think we have Ansel integrated just yet - I think the technology is really cool so I’ll make sure the dev team knows about it so they can look into implementing it.

Dartoxer: 1. Do elves have something visually unique going on for them or are they just humans with pointy ears? 2. Are there any plans for further races? Like semi-solid plans. Or is the dev team just too busy at the moment to even brainstorm about stuff like this?

HJ: Elves and Dwarves have the kind of distinguishing visual characteristics you’d expect from the races - Elves are a little bit more than just humans with pointy ears. No semi-solid plans on additional races just yet, but I’m sure we’ll be gathering a lot of feedback on races post-launch and we’ll probably make some additions / adjustments.

Arz: Will we get "rare spawns"? As in the are special mobs that have are stronger/harder to tame? I know that Lords will get Special Mounts in not talking about those I mean the ones for everyone.

HJ: Somewhat yes - like I’ve mentioned before, our dev team wants to create a believable ecosystem, so some entire species will be much rarer than others. As for special deviations within a species, like the shining griffin we teased in our last press release, those are generally reserved for Lords.

Shinyih: Are you open to bringing this game to the MAC platform? Will Chinese players play on the same steam game version like the rest of the world?

HJ: No comment on mac right now - I’ll get in touch with the dev team and see if it’s planned for EA. Chinese players should have access to the same servers as players in the west.

Arz: Will we have something like wagons or carriage to transport goods or are beast of burden animals like elephants will be our pack mules?

HJ: Mostly beasts of burden - generally, the larger the animal, the more it’ll be able to carry.

Auron: Are there going to be some kind of PvP Arenas or specific PvPvE maps where PvP oriented players spend most of their times at? Or will PvP only be about open world ganking?

HJ: We’re expecting that most of the PvP on PvP servers will manifest through open-world PvP - not always ganking, but probably a lot of guerilla tactics and sieges. I’m afraid I can’t answer anything about PvP arenas right now - I’m not familiar with any but I’ll double-check with the dev team to see what the plans are.

Nerodemus: Heard this game is magic-oriented? Will there be skill trees for assassin / warrior / tank etc?

HJ: Not exactly - skill trees are more dedicated to different schools of magic / elements. Even though players can technically learn every skill / spell with heavy time investment, our design priorities are geared towards allowing players to develop unique builds while progressing rather than strict MMO-style classes.

Drakwin: Will we be able to camouflage our huts so they are not that obvious to spot?

HJ: You’ll have enough freedom with choosing where to build that you can set up shop in a dense forest or a deep cave, but we don’t have a set camouflage system for structures right now.

Nox: Will there be utility spells? Like invisibility, running/swimming faster, jumping higher, temp increase to carry weight, under water breathing, teleportation (portal spells O.o), and etc.?

HJ: I can’t share any specifics just yet, but there are a good number of skills dedicated to utility rather than pure offense - there’s a lot more to Dark and Light than just combat, so it’s important to stay balanced.

Funker01 + Joe: Due to past problems with large amounts of players in games getting so powerful off robbing lower geared players of gear and the chance to get better gear in general, will there be a karma/rep system in the game, and will there be a jailing system or at least a bounty system?

HJ: We’ve heard a lot of concerns from players already regarding ganking in PvP servers, and we’re hoping that the option of a PvE server will help alleviate those concerns for players who aren’t into the PvP aspect of modern survival games. If ganking becomes too much of an issue on PvP servers even for hardcore PvP players, however, we may need to look into additional restrictions / penalties. I personally plan on rolling on a PvE server, but I know there are players who *really* like PvP and others who just *kind of* like PvP - hardcore PvP players will be happy on PvP servers, but the less hardcore ones may need to settle for PvE or deal with the hardcore PvP environment. Again, like most things, we’ll see what kind of data EA greets us with.

Dolphinhaus: Do you actually have the release date already lined up, but you're just waiting for the website to "come soon" to announce it?

HJ: First off, your name is awesome. Second, we do have an estimated release date, but development is still very, very active, and will continue up to (and past) the point where the final build is uploaded to Steam, making it hard to commit to a hard date just yet.

That's it for now, but look forward to more answers later this week!
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