Don't forget to use Topic Prefixes

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Don't forget to use Topic Prefixes
Whether recruiting for your guild or looking to join one, don't forget to use topic prefixes to keep things organized.

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Give as much detail about your guild as you'd like, but try not to keep things too short. Guilds that elaborate on who they are, their members and rules, will be more sought after than those that simply drop a link. Remember, as per the Forum Rules & Etiquette, advertising is fine so long as you're attempting to generate some sort of discussion. In this case, simply dropping a guild website link with no information in the topic is frowned upon, and your topic might be deleted.

Instead, give information and tell us why others would want to join your guild. Sell yourself, and make sure to answer any questions that potential members have! A good example of an informative guild thread would be @Sarumonin's topic, Eterna Gaming.

If you're looking for a guild, introduce yourself and let us know what type of guild you're potentially looking for.

The more information we put in these topics, the easier it will be to recommend and refer others to guilds.

If you have any specific questions regarding this forum, post it here!

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RE: Don't forget to use Topic Prefixes
Aww, well thank you for that comment. You're too kind! <3
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