Dark and Light Delayed to "2017"

Written by Cemmos in DnL News #112-19-2016, 11:56 AM
Announced today by Snail Games, DnL has officially been set back from a late-2016 early access launch to sometime in 2017.  There is no specified 2017 date or even which quarter the game will be released in, which has Facebook commenters frustrated.

The one piece of good news is that the Steam page for Dark and Light is now up, and the site design of the official website has changed.

There is not currently any gameplay video, but some new screenshots have been put up on display on the Steam store. Check out a few of them below.

What are your thoughts on this delay, and the fact that we've yet to see any gameplay footage? Is this something you feel will only strengthen the game's appeal, or is the lack of information going to have people looking elsewhere? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

[Image: Mct8lVC.jpg][Image: 6K1HbdJ.jpg][Image: xUvoxHt.jpg][Image: UpduLyZ.jpg]

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