Dark and Light: Camps, Cities, and NPCs

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A new Chinese-to-English translated press-release PDF has hit the net. This file talks about camps, cities, and NPCs within Dark and Light and touches upon how players just starting off can stay safe from the outside world. After selecting your race (dwarf, elf, or human), you'll start off in what's called a shanty town, which is generally used as a term for an area where people squat and use improvised housing made of cheap materials.

In this way, the game starts off with some type of shelter and direction for the player, which had already been confirmed. Unlike many sandboxes, DnL is taking a slight themepark route to help the player settle into the game at first.

Factions & Cities

Each of the three available factions starts you off in a shanty town within that faction, and each faction-specific city grants different "bonuses and banes," as the writing in the PDF puts it. As cities are meant to be safe zones within the sandbox game, they provide immediate shelter to players that first spawn into the game, as well as a place for dying adventurers to respawn at. Beyond player-characters, NPCs are also protected from the beasts beyond the walls.

Players will be able to invest into NPC shops within their city so that they are able to upgrade the NPC's stock of tradeable items. As well, trading with other players will guide the game's economy, but this is done at the discretion of the current residing lord. Beyond trading in the safety of the city, the city also offers resources such as ore and food that players can make use of, without having to immediately leave the walls to secure resources in the unforgiving world.

While cities may be usually be safe, they still need to be fortified and defended. This leads to cooperation with the residing lord and its residents.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5]

Shanty Town Housing

As with any makeshift home, your initial residence won't be safe from player-thieves. The PDF warns players to look out for their belongings and precious loot, lest it be stolen by others. When the player has earned enough money, they can move out of their initial dwelling and pay rent in a low-income area of the city, where their belongings will be slightly more secure, but not quite. You'll still need to "continually" upgrade and fortify your new home and lock it to prevent it from being looted by others.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6]

"Lord of the Town"

"Only the most accomplished players are eligible for this coveted position," the PDF states. This happens after reaching a certain level. If one becomes lord of their town, they will have access to "mythical" mounts and have the ability to guide the daily lives of others within the city through housing and trade to defend against threats external to them.

Quote:A special feature of the lord's estate are the many statues of various mythical beasts. These are far more simple aesthetic fare - as during wartime, lords and priests can bring these creatures to life to assist in battle.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7]

Non-player Characters in Dark and Light

Quote:In many sandbox games, non-player characters (NPCs) only provide very basic interaction with players. In Dark and Light, the NPCs play a more significant role in the gameplay.

In the example the PDF provides, they go on to say that if you want to explore a dungeon in the city, you may need to obtain a key from one of the guardsmen. Alternatively, a player can attempt to steal the key, but needs to be wary that guards will track you down and arrest you, should you be a known thief.

Here are the three screenshots shown of NPCs within a faction city:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=8]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=9]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=10]

As a bonus at the end of the PDF, it mentions that many minute details have been thought of while designing the game. I'll leave the quote below, and you can find the PDF as a download in the attachments section of this article.

Quote:The art and engineering team for Dark and Light have been working on the game for over a decade now, crafting each building and fine tuning every aspect of it - from the grass roof designs down to the trellising on the exteriors of homes. No detail, be it part of the interior or exterior of the buildings has been overlooked. Below, you can see how a few buildings were brought together from pencil sketches to full 3D models, mapped completely both inside and out.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=13]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=12]

What stood out to you in this press release? From a couple of comments I've personally heard, they mention that the game is sounding less like a sandbox than they had anticipated. Do your thoughts align with this, or do you feel differently? Let us know in the comments below!

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