Community Introductions!

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Community Introductions!
Introduce yourself here! I had thought about making a forum for it, but I think a single topic works best with this sort of thing.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, how much you share is up to you. You can go with your online persona if you're crazy like that, or talk a little bit about what you do and who you are behind the keyboard.

I suppose I'll start things off: I'm steadily creeping past mid-20s and I've been playing video games since before I can even remember. I used to be mostly a JRPG guy (aside from when I was really young and it was platformers), but over time I became accustomed to playing just about every genre; from JRPG to FPS, to the odd strategy game here and there.

I've lived in several countries as well as several different states here in the US, where I currently reside, as I come from a military family. I ended up joining the military myself as a cop and had a tour in Afghanistan where I met a bunch of great people from various countries (worked for NATO at the time).

I'm not really one to talk too much about myself, though, so I'll leave it at that unless anyone has any questions.

Anyway, feel free to share, as I mentioned earlier! You can also tag people by using the @ symbol with double quotes around their name, like so: 

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RE: Community Introductions!
Hello Darkness and light is a game I really like. I just want to know when the game has about the time I can participate in the EA test?
RE: Community Introductions!
Hi. My name is Michael. I'm 18 and play games all day everyday to consume my free time. My job is freelance web development from home. I've been playing games since I was about 3 years old, starting with Priston Tale, Diablo 2, and Runescape. I also played WoW a bit on family members account. Ever since I've been playing a handful of games, and now I've settled down to waiting for DnL, playing for an OW team, some Diablo 3, and Battlerite.

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