Another Horsejoke Community Q&A - November 29th

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Another Horsejoke Community Q&A - November 29th
Hey there everyone, Horsejoke here - since production on DnL has been ramping up, it’s been a while since our last Q&A! We’re iterating on new builds faster than ever, so as always, things are subject to change, but you can be assured that the answers I give here are based on the most recent build available and are a pretty good indication of how the game will look at Early Access launch.

InterestingJohn: Will there be traditional horses available as mounts?

Horsejoke: I swear I’m not biased, this is just a really good question. Traditional horses are available as mounts; they’re currently only available to purchase from stables in cities rather than being tamed like most other creatures.

Kroy: Are there are requirements to create a guild, if so what are they? Monetary? Group size? Holdings? Crafted item?

HJ: Currently, there aren’t any minimum requirements or costs associated with forming a guild (referred to as a ‘House’ at the moment). It’s even possible to form a House with only a single member, though there isn’t much reason to do so besides vanity purposes. Because there aren’t any requirements for forming a House, we’re expecting to see a bunch of 3-5 player Houses, which can get a little chaotic, so we also allow House leaders the option to form alliances with other Houses, which provides equal benefits and protections for each House in the alliance.

Raijko: Will there be any type of healing magic?

HJ: Healing magic isn’t super common, but it shows up in the Water skill tree (or ‘Water Node’, as it’s referred to in-game).

RP girl Fulminology: Can we design homes with multiple rooms and floors? How big can our homes be?

HJ: Yep! I’m not actually 100% sure if there’s a limit on the number of floors you can add on to a structure, but in general you can add on as many rooms and additions as you have space for.

Nox: What exactly does it mean to ‘specialize’ in Dark & Light in terms of offense? Will someone specialize as a Fire mage vs. an Earth mage, or burst damage vs. crowd control? Also, is magic restrained by cooldowns, mana, both, or something else?

HJ: When talking about specialization, we’re usually referring to more utility-based skills, like one person in a group will specialize in wilderness survival abilities while another focuses on weapon / armor crafting, and so on. That kind of specialization is generally going to be much more desirable and differentiating than offensive Nodes, but you can definitely specialize in offensive Nodes as well, and you have the general idea. The Fire Node is more focused on burst damage and destruction while the Water Node covers CC and light healing. Other kinds of magic are much more niche - the Earth Node contains some abilities that allow you to camouflage with the environment, for example. Non-magic combat nodes will also let players differentiate and specialize in interesting ways beyond just damage vs. CC.

As for restraints on magic, you have a mana pool that you can upgrade with attribute points, and there’s a kind of global cooldown built into the casting animations, but it’s not a cooldown like you’d see in a traditional MMO.

Skritty: Will spells lock-on to players/mobs and follow them? So if you were to cast a fireball on someone, could they dodge it, or would it follow them to the ends of Ganareth?

HJ: Well I’m not sure about Ganareth, but currently, one of the higher-level Fire Node abilities is a kind of homing fireball that tracks for a few seconds, but most spells are straight shots or placed AOEs. Reaction speed and dodging ability are going to be important for players who like smaller-scale PvP engagements.

TRAIN3R: Is there fishing?

HJ: Unfortunately no, not at the moment. You can dive into the ocean and beat up some sea creatures, but we don’t have fishing rods or anything like that in our current build.

Scribbles: Can you talk about some of the in-game group mechanics like party size, directional indicators, party chat, etc.?

HJ: This is pretty closely related to the Guild / House question earlier on; there isn’t actually any party system in DnL outside of the House system for now. You can kind of think of Houses as permanent parties or statics, since they can be as large or as small as you’d like. Houses have private chat channels and members can be assigned different titles that give them more or less authority over structures built by other House members, but there aren’t any directional indicators for other House members implemented right now.

Kroy / james/Rathorn: In regards to the ‘player-driven economy’, are resources renewable, like do they respawn in the same area, and will there be a central market / auction house to sell items on?

HJ: Resources respawn in generally the same area that they’re collected in, so you shouldn’t run into problems with massive deforestation. There isn’t an auction house set up at the moment, it’s something we can consider, but there are marketplaces in the starting cities that we expect players to gather in to hock their wares.

Dingus: Why is such a large company like Snail with over 3k employees globally opting for Early Access over a traditional launch? Are you legally allowed to release a paid Early Access game with little to no gameplay footage?

HJ: There are a number of reasons why we’ve decided to go the Early Access route instead of a traditional launch. First and foremost, Dark and Light is a game in which a significant portion of the “fun” in the game is built and maintained by the community. We want to make sure that players understand that Dark and Light is a work in progress that we’re committed to improving. We could go with a traditional launch and patch the game over time, but Early Access lets us iterate at a much faster pace and fix / add things that players really care about in a short period of time. It's really uncommon, but we feel like this is the best way for us to get real hands-on feedback from our most dedicated players while we're still prepared to make heavy changes.

Gameplay footage is going to come before the Early Access launch, and we intend on providing pre-EA keys to media and influencers in the community so everyone can see what the game is about before deciding to purchase it for themselves.

That’s all I have time for right now - keep checking our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, as well as /r/DnL and the Dark and Light Discord for the most up-to-date info about the game!
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RE: Another Horsejoke Community Q&A - November 29th
I'm loving the build-system already. And the combat alone is starting to sound like the type you could enjoy for hundreds of hours on end. It sounds pretty spot-on to what we love from Action RPGs like Fable, Kingdoms of Amalur, The Gothic Series, Two Worlds I & II, and other games from the genre. I personally think if it keeps going the route it seems to be on that it's going to be an absolute masterpiece. I can't wait to get in there and check it out for myself!
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RE: Another Horsejoke Community Q&A - November 29th
I agree roguekazin I have been looking for a game I could make as a place I make an actual life where I get lost for as long as I can its likely this game will be it for me if it keeps this pace up

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