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Achievements List
Post Count Achievements
Icon Name Description
One Hundred 100 posts? You're an absolute savage at this posting thing.
Ten Posts You've posted on the site at least ten times. You must be making a name for yourself, survivor.
Thread Count Achievements
Icon Name Description
Ten Topics Powering through discussions. That's what we like to see!
First Thread Creation You created a topic (also called thread)! We envision a bright future ahead for you.
Activity Achievements
Icon Name Description
Five Days You've spent five entire days in Ganareth. Putting in this sort of time does not go overlooked. You must know a lot about a lot by now.
Twenty-four Hours You've spent a full day in Ganareth. Learning your survival duties and sharing your knowledge seems to be the path you lead.
Custom Achievements
Icon Name Description
Ganareth Commendation You've been honored with a medal from the administrator. This award is granted only to a small portion of Ganareth's population.